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Jo Ghost Men's Shoes

Jo Ghost – Italian footwear

The simplest trick to own a truly unique look? A pair of brand shoes. No matter where you’re going, the Italian footwear will best bring out your personality and make you stand out from the crowd. Add an air of luxury and good taste to any outfit. Choose quality – try out the Jo Ghost footwear at Apia.pl and enjoy not only good design but also maximum comfort.

Original shoes which leave no one indifferent

In the universe of footwear brands, Jo Ghost stands out with its impeccable combination of the highest quality and a pinch of sartorial extravaganza. These designs are meant for men and women who like to assert their independence with an out-of-the-ordinary look – and often reach for hand-stitched shoes. Jo Ghost footwear is more than an eye-pleasing accessory. It can become the focus of attention which brings a touch of sophistication to any smart and casual outfit alike. Jo Ghost is full of surprises – it often combines top-quality fabrics with unconventional finishes and daring details.

The final outcome should look stunning and leave no one indifferent to the exceptional style of these original shoes. Initially, Italian footwear was designed to appeal to Italian aristocrats who had a strong appreciation for eye-catching and unorthodox accessories. That creative spirit has never been lost – Jo Ghost shoes are an idea for people who hate the mundane but still wish to uphold an elegant style that fits almost all occasions.

Luxury shoes which stand for quality

Jo Ghost shoes are Italian footwear from heel to toe. All of the available models are made of hand-stitched, top-quality leather. Most designs are one-of-a-kind and considering the handmade production process, it is virtually impossible to find two identical shoes, even if they follow the same design. This sense of inimitability underscores the extravagant nature of Jo Ghost footwear. Each and every element has been manufactured with surgical precision and perfected down to the tiniest detail. All the designs are made of top-quality leather that feels soft to the touch.

Jo Ghost products are a symbol and a guarantee of the highest quality and eye-catching design. Hand-stitched shoes are polished to perfection – every element is carefully thought-out. The selection includes models made of patent leather, grain leather, and suede. Each model comes equipped with a sturdy sole and a soft insert made of real leather which makes you want to wear these black label shoes all the time. A unique combination of textures, a classic design with a boldly progressive twist – Jo Ghost shoes are the final proof of the expertise, know-how, and creativity of their designers.

Rich colours and intriguing embellishments: buckles, clasps, or unconventionally tied shoelaces. Tradition and innovation clearly go hand in hand. Jo Ghost shoes have character and will soon become the favourite item in your closet.

Jo Ghost shoes

Jo Ghost came to life in Italy in 1965. The brand was founded by a veteran shoemaker, Mario Finocchi, who still is a central figure at the Jo Ghost factory. Mario keeps making new designs. For a dozen years now, he can count on the assistance of his children – Paola and Mauro. Long years of experience gained first at the factory in Montegranaro and then on his own allowed Mario to create from scratch one of the best-known shoemaking companies in Italy.

From the very beginning, the brand’s mission was to design shoes for men and women who do not compromise on style, always striving to assert their personality and set the trends rather than blindly follow. Jo Ghost is Italian footwear for people unafraid of a hint of extravagance, who detest boredom in their outfits. The black brand shoes are manufactured entirely in Italy, from start to finish. They stand out against the plethora of footwear brands with their long history and the meticulous selection of fabrics. In Jo Ghost shoes, you feel their quality with every step you take.

The real leather is hand-dyed and cleaned with the use of the company’s signature methods. Jo Ghost footwear is a guarantee of a top-quality purchase, 100% handmade. The maximum comfort is another huge plus. Whether you opt for boots, ankle boots, or dress shoes, all designs are fitted with a soft leather insert which works wonders for your feet.

Women’s footwear from Jo Ghost at Apia.pl

Jo Ghost shoes are luxury shoes for men and women alike. Our selection for women at Apia.pl includes boots and lace-up ankle boots. All models are made of real, high-quality leather. All designs offer a faithful reflection of the brand’s DNA – Jo Ghost designers stand for inimitable style and spectacular character. The boots and ankle boots are dashing, fancy, and have a unique vibe. We define them as luxury shoes for women who want to assert their individuality and set new trends rather than blend into the crowd.

Every season, the brand supplies brave women with new ideas. The effects of this strategy are crystal-clear. The demand for hand-stitched shoes is growing in line with the latest trends. Most models follow the natural, even subdued colour palette, although exceptions exist. Jo Ghost collections at Apia.pl will dazzle you with unconventional colour combinations perfect to spice up your outfits.

A woman who chooses brand shoes from Jo Ghost does not shy away from a challenge. She wants to show her true self – also by creating unconventional, original outfits never to be forgotten.

What goes together with women’s Jo Ghost footwear?

The selection of women’s shoes at Apia.pl may be smaller than our assortment for men, but just as inspiring. Our collection of luxury shoes includes boots and ankle boots created for women who use footwear to showcase their personality. The designs offered by the brand make perfect formal wear. You can sport them at work, a party, or a gathering with friends. Most Jo Ghost shoes are flats or low heels, which guarantees that you can wear them all day long. Every model is made of top-quality real leather which breathes, wraps you in softness, and ensures maximum comfort. Are you a fan of sturdy boots? They’ll look great with skin-tight cloth trousers and a classic smart shirt. Accessorise with a large leather bag. One in a subdued colour will be a perfect fit.

Or maybe you’re in for something a little fancier? Tall boots with an eccentric upper will be just the thing. Paired with a flared knee-length skirt, they will shave a couple of years off your appearance, especially if you complete the outfit with patterned tights. Now all you need is a light, neutral bag and you’re good to go. The design of the boots will work miracles matched with an airy boho dress. 

Men’s footwear from Jo Ghost at Apia.pl

Jo Ghost has an appealing selection for women, but our pièce de resistance is men’s footwear. The collections include original shoes for men unafraid or even eager to stand out from the crowd. Men’s fashion has been gaining momentum for a few years now. In the streets, men with an appreciation of brand shoes, using footwear to perk up their unorthodox outfits, are an increasingly common sight.

Luxury shoes from Jo Ghost are characterful and a bit extravagant – a great way to steal the spotlight. The selection at Apia.pl includes chiefly dress shoes (loafers and moccasins) and lace-up ankle boots, which are the best bet for those who enjoy the recent sartorial trend for smart casual. All Jo Ghost models for men are made of durable leather that won’t rub off easily. Our selection includes not only low-cuts but also higher models which can complement a less formal attire.

Men’s collections are fascinating in their sharp focus on design. Jo Ghost designers have a flair for exciting leather combinations, extravagant laces or fastenings. All these solutions additionally underscore the brand’s DNA while giving your outfit an upward lift.

What goes together with men’s Jo Ghost footwear?

Hand-stitched men’s shoes from Jo Ghost are a perfect accessory for men with an admiration for understated elegance. If you have a penchant for the original and your wardrobe has no shortage of offbeat accessories, Jo Ghost is your go-to brand. Any fan of smart outfits inspired by the look of the aristocratic dandy is bound to appreciate glossy overlays which are a perfect match for suit trousers and a classic shirt.

These cuts will work well also with dark, slim-fit jeans, a jumper made of a delicate fabric, and the all-the-rage checkered dinner jacket. Together, they will create a look which will prove their worth at work and an informal gathering alike. And if you feel like some rock’n’roll chic, try out Jo Ghost ankle boots whose studied nonchalance ideally complements a pair of slim-fit jeans in the classic colour.

If you’re going for a bolder style, Italian footwear from Jo Ghost will also match a white T-shirt and the evergreen leather jacket. It’s an outfit that screams fashion and freedom, but also emphasises the offbeat design which never fails to turn heads. Eclectic cuts, playful fabric combinations, and uncompromising quality – all that Apia.pl likes best.