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Making Returns


Wrong size? That's not a problem!
After receiving your shipment you have 21 days to return your product (this includes items with discount prices). We accept not used items only. This means you can try them on for a fit, but shouldn't remove any tags or damage them in any way. Good practice is to fit the shoes on a soft flooring, i.e. carpet.

Return instructions

  1. Please inform us by e-mail shop@apia.com about your intention to return.

  2. Carefully package the items 

  3. Shipment 
    You’re sending the merchandise back at your own expense, not later than within 14 days after sending us the form. Choose your preferable shipment method and send it to:
    Apia sp. z o.o. 
    ul. Grunwaldzka 66
    80-244 Gdańsk

  4. Refund
    Not later than within 14 days after we receive your return shipment , you will be refunded full price of the product (not applicable to damaged or not returned items). This will be followed by an e-mail notification.
    Form of the refund depends on the payment method chosen in your order.


Before submitting a complaint we encourage you to contact us at shop@apia.com.

  1. Any complaints related to the product(s) or performance of the contract of sale may be submitted by the Customer in writing to the seller's address.

  2. Product along with written complaint should be sent to:
    Apia sp. z o.o. 
    ul. Grunwaldzka 66
    80-244 Gdańsk

  3. The Seller shall express his opinion, within 14 days from the date of receiving product with attached complaint.

  4. For further information please see our Terms & conditions.