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Men's Ankle Boots

Men’s ankle boots

Universal men’s shoes for almost all occasions? The instant answer: men’s ankle boots. It’s a shoe style that brings to mind high comfort and an intriguing design. Since men’s ankle boots are a vast category, it’s hard to define the exact characteristics of these hand-stitched shoes. One thing is for certain – a well-fitted pair of these multifunctional boots is a wardrobe staple of any man who wants to look good every single day.

What are the characteristics of men’s ankle boots?

Ankle boots are the most popular choice of brand footwear among men of all ages. Their distinctive feature is the shaft covering the ankle, with the total upper length of around 20 cm. Typically, ankle boots are lace-ups, although you may come across slip-on models as well. Ankle boots are usually fitted with a double sole, the outer layer being waterproof. They have a characteristically unelaborate, classic cut with almond toe. For this reason, they are appreciated by traditionalists who have a penchant for tested solutions but enjoy keeping their finger on the fashion pulse as well.

When to wear men’s ankle boots?

Men’s ankle boots are hand-stitched shoes associated mostly with chillier days. All because of the laces and the longer shaft. Additionally, winter ankle boots tend to have extra quilting made of sheepskin. Quilting increases not only the comfort of these original shoes but also their thermal qualities. Yet, men’s ankle boots are not only an option for chilly days. Chelsea boots and on-trend suede boots will prove their worth also in the spring or early summer.

What are the origins of men’s boots?

This type of footwear caught fire in the 19th century thanks to Beau Brummel, the legendary dandy. Brummel is hailed as the inventor of the gentleman’s style. His preferred luxury shoes became so popular that they joined the ranks of men’s fashion staples. Men’s ankle boots offer far more than comfort and protection against cold weather. They are the accessory that truly shines in multiple half-formal ensembles.

Men’s ankle boots at Apia.pl

In view of the large demand, men’s ankle boots are one of the largest categories at Apia.pl. Our selection includes boots (also in quilted iterations), lace-up boots, tall sneakers, and Chelsea boots. Most models are intended for the winter, but some will prove their worth also in the spring and autumn. Brand shoes of this type are multifunctional and go with a variety of styles. Boots look great as an element of casual officewear, and tall sneakers are a weekend idea for men who like to be active in their leisure time.

Apia.pl offers ankle boots for men who need to complete their formal office uniforms. For formalwear, we recommend either classic boots made of patent leather or Chelsea boots with a touch of extravagance. Men’s ankle boots may clash with a suit, but they pair perfectly with an elegant shirt, even with studs, a quirky dinner jacket, or a vest. Hunting for fashion ideas for the winter or a cold day in spring? Check out men’s boots quilted with fur or an extra layer of sheepskin.

Quilted boots ensure thermal comfort, softness, while underscoring the masculine character of the outfit. Do you like extravagant outfits that make you stand out from the crowd? Go for the attention-grabbing lace-up boots. These original shoes made of patent leather, fitted with a long shaft, guarantee a unique look which will cause a splash and present you as a refined man who values quality in any situation.

How to style men’s ankle boots?

Men’s ankle boots are luxury shoes easy to fit into an intriguing outfit even if you don’t live and breathe fashion. Why? Because they’re a go-with-everything kind of footwear and therefore a great choice for men looking for a perfect match of comfort and the latest chic. Since men’s ankle boots are intended for the autumn-winter season, they typically appear in a subdued palette of classic colours, although it is not a hard-and-fast rule. In recent seasons, the arresting models in the bolder shades of red or blue have been absolutely on fleek. As these original colour variants have a powerful effect on any outfit, contrast them with toned-down clothing – a pair of dark jeans and an interesting cardigan will be a great fit.

Colourful men’s ankle boots are a great way to make an impression on new acquaintances, challenge the stereotypes, and put an end to fashion boredom. If you opt for colourful men’s ankle boots, remember to reiterate the same colour somewhere else in your outfit. Maybe you could get a watch or a scarf in a matching tone? When looking for an intriguing but rather formal officewear, check out the tall lace-up boots made of grain weather. They are elegant but also original – paired with a casual jacket, they naturally tap into the dressed-down urban style. These boots will also go with a less formal suit in a successful outfit for a business meeting, an office party, or an important family event. If you need an elegance boost, go for patent lace-up boots, ideally in black or another dark colour.

If you define your style as casual, choose among our laid-back models such as lace-up sneakers. Brand shoes in this category have a thicker sole, a longer shaft, and carry a greater resemblance to sportswear. You can style them with jeans, a jumper, a shirt, or a dinner jacket. They won’t clash with a regular tee-shirt, either. Because of their longer shaft, these shoes often cover the trousers, so they look better with close-fitting models.

How to choose men’s ankle boots for autumn and winter?

Because of their long shaft which offers protection against snow, rain, and cold, men’s ankle boots are an extremely popular choice in the autumn-winter season. The shaft increases the comfort and covers the trousers which could otherwise get splotched or soiled, especially on wet pavement. As an extra plus, the shaft holds the feet steady and protects against injuries, should you ever lose your balance on a slippery surface. Most models have quilting which adds to the overall comfort.

Before purchasing a pair of quilted boots, always check the filling. We recommend fabrics such as delicate felt made of wool. It’s a natural material which enables good ventilation. Conversely, Italian shoes should not be quilted with polyester, as it causes sweating. Sometimes, instead of buying quilted shoes, you can opt for a pair of exchangeable warm insoles. Besides, when choosing hand-stitched shoes, pay attention to the sole. Autumn and winter footwear should come equipped with a sturdy, perforated sole offering proper insulation against cold weather and mitigate the risk of slipping.

Winter shoes are far more exposed to agents such as water, salt, or changing temperatures, so the sole should be thick and solid. If your winter shoes are made of real leather, don’t forget to care for them properly. Wet leather shoes should never be left on the radiator. Instead, let them dry up for a day in room temperature conditions, so that they don’t lose their colour and qualities. To ensure proper maintenance, it’s a smart move to expand your collection of winter shoes to two pairs at the least.