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Women's Lace up Ankle Boots

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Lace-up ankle boots for women

Not many footwear categories are so broad and so characteristic as lace-up ankle boots. This unique shoe style for women includes trappers, classic boots, and even sneakers with a longer shaft. However, all brand ankle boots share a common feature – thanks to the laces that keep the foot firmly in place, they offer maximum practicality and comfort. Lace-up ankle boots are an idea for fashion-conscious women who are up to speed with the latest trends, but value comfort and practicality. Flats or heels? Which original lace-ups will you pick? Find your new favourite boots at Apia.pl.

What exactly are women’s ankle boots?

Lace-up ankle boots for women trace their origins back to… men’s fashion. Really. It’s only in the 19th century that these shoes gained the favour of the ladies. From then on, they have never fallen out of style and continue to be the popular choice of women with a penchant for original outfits. As the name implies, ankle boots are virtually any shoes with a longer shaft covering the ankle. The selection at Apia.pl comprises luxury lace-up shoes – flats, low-heels, or wedges, usually sporting a rather built-up design, often quilted. Women on top of the latest trends will know that lace-up ankle boots for women bring out your femininity, optically slim you down, and guarantee astonishing comfort.

You can wear brand shoes all year round for almost all occasions. Their versatility is staggering. They prove their worth at work, in a shopping mall, and on a first date. Aside from the classic lace-up ankle boots, this category includes warm boots for summer and autumn. Don’t forget unorthodox sneakers with a longer shaft, either. All of these hand-stitched shoes have laces, which are not only an exciting embellishment but also a practical tool to adjust the shoe to your foot shape. A union of comfort and elegance – nothing sums up our lace-up ankle boots better than that.

Women’s lace-up ankle boots at Apia.pl

Women’s ankle boots are perfect for any time of year. Browse Apia.pl to easily find original women’s shoes for the winter and the warm summer days alike. All models share two characteristics – comfort and top-of-the-line craftsmanship. Our footwear is made of luxury fabrics. Real leather prevails, often interspersed with accents made of other materials. It’s a good call to complete your wardrobe with ankle boots in several colour variants. Subdued quilted boots in a darker tone? Or a pair of vibrant, dashing sneakers? Kiss goodbye to boring outfits, no matter the time of year!

Ankle boots are a sensation in spring and autumn because the upper offers reliable protection against dampness and cold. However, the models available at Apia.pl will serve you well also in the winter. The huge advantage of these brand ankle boots is the sturdy structure. All designs are fitted with a robust yet flexible sole; some are resistant to adverse weather conditions. Hand-stitched lace-up boots will surely last more than one season. At Apia, classic boots, sneakers, and Chelsea boots are contrasted with more avant-garde designs. Any woman, no matter her age, will find a model that will meet her expectation. Luxury lace-up ankle boots are a delight that we all deserve.

How to style lace-up ankle boots?

The answer is simple – lace-up ankle boots go with just about anything. This type of shoes pairs perfectly with classic jeans, leggings, and a smart dress. The most traditional ankle boots – flats with simple laces, crafted with real patent leather – will complete any business look. For dashing officewear, wear them with a light long-sleeve shirt and a pair of formal trousers. The timeless chinos will be the perfect fit. If you go for widened quilted boots with a reinforced sole, coordinate them with slim-fit jeans.

Brand shoes will complement an oversize colourful ski-style jacket as well. Don’t forget to top off your outfit with a bobble hat and matching gloves. Fans of the extravagant are sure to fall for a more whimsical outfit – have you ever considered styling sturdy, rather clumpy lace-up boots with a jersey dress and a pair of thick tights? It’s a fabulous combination to bring out your individuality, assert your femininity, and guarantee maximum comfort.

Luxury ankle shoes – jacket or coat?

Many women wonder if boots, ankle boots, and sneakers go better with a chic coat or a sportlike jacket. In our book, the perfect fit for ankle boots is the parka, recently back in style. Another viable choice is a Ramones leather jacket which will put a rock’n’roll spin on the entire outfit. If you prefer a more formal style, pair hand-stitched shoes and boots with a basic, unassuming trench. In a more extravagant variant, opt for an eye-catching dog-tooth coat.

What are the origins of women’s lace-up ankle boots?

As already mentioned, in the recent past, lace-up boots and shoes were almost exclusively men’s footwear. However, the laces themselves are an idea from a far more ancient era. Their history dates four thousand years back, when shoes tied with laces were invented in Mesopotamia. Lacing was used by ancient Greeks and Romans to prevent the shoes from slipping off the feet. During their European conquests, the Romans started a craze for laced Roman sandals.

These original shoes were later transformed by the British into more built-up models with lavish embellishments. Laces as we know them were invented in the 18th century, but brand lace-up shoes became a fashion staple only in the 20th century. Luxury shoes came a long way to become one of the most coveted types of women’s shoes all over the world. Ankle boots are no longer chosen only for their comfort, but also for their unique style and painstaking craftsmanship. Lace-up heels are always perfectly paired with the entire outfit.

How to choose the perfect women’s lace-up ankle boots?

When choosing your perfect brand ankle boots, your first concern should be the comfort, no matter if you’re going for boots, loafers, or sneakers. Needless to say, hand-stitched shoes should also satisfy your sense of style and reflect the global fashion trends. Another key point is to select a top-quality fabric. Nothing guarantees high comfort, durability, and unique design like soft, natural leather.

Always on the move? If you’re no stranger to wet or slippery routes, pay attention to the sole. A sturdier one will offer better protection against drenching. If you’re wearing your ankle boots mainly at work, in a closed space, indulge in a more delicate type of leather such as nubuck or suede. Both are a feast for the eyes that will amp up the elegance of any ensemble. At the same time, they are sturdy and easy to keep clean.

Women’s lace-up ankle boots always have quite a long shaft. The longer it is, the better the protection against autumn and winter chills. Most designs are flats. However, we do keep some heeled boots which make your body look slimmer, and your legs – longer.

What is the difference between women’s lace-up ankle boots and dress shoes?

The terms for various types of footwear are often used interchangeably. Are ankle boots, dress boots, and dress shoes one at the same? At Apia.pl, we know the difference. While ankle boots and dress boots signify roughly the same kind of footwear, women’s dress shoes or loafers are another matter. The simplest way to tell them apart is by looking at the length of the shaft.

In principle, loafers have a low-cut design and make for popular wear in the autumn-winter season. Their hallmark is the exposed ankle and the less built-up upper. The biggest loafer trends of the last seasons are the lace-up oxfords, also in their clumpier version – the so-called creepers on a thick sole. When it comes to dress boots, they stand out with the longer shaft that covers the ankle. Women’s dress boots are always laced and usually come equipped with a rubber sole which offers stability and excellent insulation to ward off the cold weather.

More often than not, ankle boots are universal, toned-down footwear that matches almost any outfit. However, recent seasons have revealed their identity as luxury shoes and a fashion statement which makes your look. Avant-garde embellishments, bowknots, eye-catching lacings – the designers rack their brains to spiff up these hand-stitched shoes. You can rest assured that a pair that will give any outfit a flash of unique character is definitely out there.